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Thorough Checkups for a Brighter Smile

Preventive care is a key factor in keeping your smile healthy. Routine hygiene visits and dental exams provide an elevated level of care with deeper cleaning than your daily brushing routine can provide and early detection of cavities or gum disease.

Treat your teeth to a cleaning and exam experience that is both relaxed and thorough. Schedule an appointment at one of our offices today.

Your First Visit

When you book an appointment at Cooper Dental, your first visit will include a comprehensive dental exam. The comprehensive exam assesses your muscles, joints, bite, teeth, gums, and tissues.

This level of exam will take place to establish a baseline of your oral health. It is a thorough approach to ensure we have addressed any possible issues. The following video details what to expect.

Cooper Perks

Elevate your dental experience with us by taking advantage of our exclusive offer. After a comprehensive cleaning and examination, you will receive a complimentary electronic toothbrush during your initial visit!

Not only will you leave with a radiant smile, but you’ll also take home technology designed to help enhance your oral care routine. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service—your dental health is in excellent hands.

Contact us to book your appointment today and experience the Cooper Dental difference.

A Boutique Dental Experience

Dental care doesn’t need to be stressful and uncomfortable. At Cooper Dental, we pride ourselves on working to offer you a comfortable experience every step of your visit.

Cooper Dental will only ever book 1 patient at a time, and we schedule 80 minutes for an exam. This ensures you have our full attention and allows us to tailor the visit to your every need. Our offices are designed to have a spa-like atmosphere, allowing you to relax while we look after your oral health.

How Often Should I Visit?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends visiting once every six months to make sure your oral hygiene is well-tended. Biannual exams and cleanings mean we can catch any minor issues before they become more major problems. They also keep your smile looking clean and polished!

What To Expect During Your Dental Exam

During your dental exam, we make sure your oral health is in tip-top shape. We take digital photos of you so we can assess:

  • Your smile
  • Any signs of infection
  • Your teeth’s spacing and bite
  • Signs of decay or tooth disease
  • Signs of cavities
  • Any evidence of teeth grinding or clenching
  • The health of your temporomandibular joint
  • The state of your gums

We may also take x-rays if necessary.

We also get to know you and any factors that could impact your oral hygiene, like allergies, diet, medications, and smoking habits.

Professional Cleaning with Skilled Hygienists

Flossing and brushing are crucial parts of your dental hygiene, but they can’t manage everything. Regular hygiene appointments help take care of the spots home dental care can miss.

 Cooper Dental’s hygienists will: 

  • Remove plaque and tartar build-up
  • Polish your teeth
  • Apply a fluoride treatment
  • Assess gum health

If needed, our hygienists will use a gentle dental laser to remove inflamed gum tissue to treat periodontal pockets caused by advanced gum disease.

Our hygienists are here to help keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Dental Hygiene

Scaling and Root Planing

Plaque and Calculus

Proper Flossing Technique

Proper Brushing Technique

Emergency Dental Care

When a dental disaster strikes, we’re here for you. Cooper Dental provides emergency dental care in cases of severe and sudden tooth pain, a knocked out or broken tooth, or a lost filling or other damaged dental aid. Contact us for help.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be caused by cavities or the wearing down and cracking of teeth. Pain may also be caused by secondary infection. When you have a toothache, it can be hard to perform day-to-day activities.

It is important to visit the dentist right away, so they can assess your symptoms and help you find relief. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and determine the cause of your tooth pain, customizing a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

An abscess is a pocket of puss that forms at the root of the tooth. They are caused by bacterial infections. Abscesses can be dangerous when left untreated—infections can spread rapidly to other parts of the body.

If you have a consistent throbbing toothache, fever, swelling, or pain while chewing, you may have an abscess. You should see your dentist immediately.

Cracked teeth can occur through trauma or even large fillings that have weakened the tooth over time. Cracks can result in whole sections of the tooth breaking off entirely or lead to loss of the tooth.

Sometimes, cracks do not cause pain. It’s still important to have them examined right away as they can allow bacteria to enter the tooth, leading to infection.

When a tooth breaks, particularly above the gum line, it’s important to seek treatment right away. Tooth fractures can expose the inner layers of the teeth, causing sensitivity and making them more prone to decay.

A fractured tooth Impacts both the form and function of your smile—the appearance of your teeth is altered and sharp edges can interfere with your bite.

Causes of Tooth Pain

Endodontic Abscess

Cracked Tooth

Trauma Fractured Tooth

Two Calgary Locations to Suit Your Lifestyle

Downtown Calgary

Visit Cooper Dental’s convenient downtown location on the +15 pedway, between the Chevron Tower and the Aquitaine Tower. Street parking is available in front of the office!

  • Suite 200, 520 5th Avenue SW
  • Calgary, AB T2P 3R7

Cougar Ridge

Find Cooper Dental in Cougar Ridge just off Old Banff Coach Road in Cougar Ridge Shopping Plaza. Free parking is available right in front of the office.

  • 677 Cougar Ridge Drive SW
  • Calgary, AB T3H 5J2

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