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Treat Damaged Teeth With a Root Canal

Your teeth are more than meets the eye. The roots of your teeth extend well into the gums, anchoring into your jaw. Did you know that the centre of the tooth isn’t hard? Tooth pulp makes up the soft centre of your teeth, and houses nerves and blood vessels.

When the pulp is damaged, pain may follow. To save the natural tooth as much as possible, a root canal may be necessary.

If you’re experiencing new sensitivity, swelling, or pain and inflammation, contact us to see if a root canal might be necessary.

How Are Root Canals Done?

Root canals are done in the following steps:

  • A small opening is made to access the inside of the tooth.
  • The diseased pulp is removed.
  • The inside of the tooth (the root canal itself) is cleaned and dried.
  • The tooth is filled with a rubbery substance called gutta percha.
  • A crown is placed over the treated tooth.

Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal with Post-Core Buildup

Does a Root Canal Ward Off Other Dental Problems?

Root canals can help ease pain and prevent further harm to the nerve within the tooth, but they aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Since your natural tooth is still intact, you have to keep up excellent oral hygiene to ward off gum disease and cavities.

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